What is WNCO?

What is Objectivism?
What is WNCO?
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WNCO is a new organization..  It is organized as a club to promote the study of Objectivism and its advocacy in the community.

Anyone who is interested in Ayn Rand's ideas is welcome.  Our plan is to sponsor discussions that are appropriate for those who are well informed about Objectivism and philosophy, as well as for those who are new to either.  Discussion topics, events and seminars will be organized to accommodate different levels of knowledge and interest.

WNCO's primary mission is the study of Objectivism and Ayn Rand's ideas.  Discussion topics will include all aspects of philosophy with an emphasis on ethics.  Discussion at WNCO meetings will also include the impact that philosophy has on culture and will explore ways to influence cultural change.  Since political philosophy is a legitimate branch of philosophic study, some sessions will be devoted to this topic, but WNCO is NOT a group organized for political action. Those who desire that can find many other outlets for their interest.  

Some may quetion the benefits of a community organization whose primary purpose is the study of a philosophy.  Isn't that the province of classrooms and independent study?  While colleges and universities are certainly most people's first choice to seek knowledge about philosophy, there are very few in the USA that offer courses on Objectivism.  At this time, I do not believe there are any in WNC.  Independent study has enormous appeal, but the benefits of group study cannot be overstated.  Two very good reasons to further your study of Objectivism by participating with WNCO are the opportunity of indepth Q & A, sharpening your communication skills by interacting with others, and the opportunity to interact on a socialial level with others who have similar life-affirming values.

WNCO uses no specific meeting format at this time.  Typically, there will be an announced topic that will be introduced by either a live or recorded lecture.  Q & A and discussion will follow.  Face-to-face discussions are hard to get in a classroom and impossible to get with self-study.  WNCO encourages enthusiastic discussion on contentious issues but will not accept character attacks or insults as a substutute for reasoned debate.  None of us are professional philosophers, but we are hungry to learn more about a philosophy that many regard as the most life-affirming set of values introduced to mankind.