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...are seeking an organization of people with whom you can discuss Objectivism, WNCO might be what you are looking for.  There are a lot of reasons one might want to meet other Objectivists: stimulating discussion,  intellectual growth, promoting healthy cultural change or just socializing with others of similar philosophical outlook. 


The variety of ways this central purpose could be achieved are almost endless.  They could be as simple and low cost as casual conversation or more involved (and potentially with some cost) such as setting up seminars (prerecorded or in-person) by local people and nationally known Objectivist thinkers.

Objectivists tend to be very independent and prefer gathering their own data and coming to conclusions on their own.  But a great deal can be gained by interacting with others who are also serious students of Objectivism.  Have you ever read a piece of Objectivist philosophy and felt you needed clarification or wanted to take it to a deeper level or perhaps explore your understanding with others who might have other insights to offer?

Perhaps you would like to share your understanding with others who are still on a learning curve and eager to learn more.  Self-study is important and necessary, but there is a lot of value in group study.  On its Objectivist Club Network, the Ayn Rand Institute identifies 5 reasons to go beyond simply reading:

        Encourages integration and fosters a deeper understanding

        Keeps us honest.  Group discussion can bring forth personal examples that test and validate abstract principles.

        Encourages effective communication.

        Encourages commitment to regular study.

        Reaffirms one's values.

If you have ever done any teaching, you may have found, as I did, that you often gain more in-depth understanding of a subject when you are trying to articulate an explanation than you did when learning it.  Going through the mental exercise of creating that explanation for the purpose of teaching others has a way of bringing even more clarity to what you already knew.  Having an organization, such as WNCO, presents an opportunity for beginning and advanced students of Objectivism to stimulate each other up the learning curve and offer the potential to generate a great deal of satisfaction for having done so.

In addition to the purely intellectual activity of engaging in interesting philosophical discussion, please consider other valid reasons to commend your involvement in a local group dedicated to furthering an understanding of Objectivism.  Do you believe that you and those you care most about would be better off living in a culture that was more Objectivist in character than what we have now?  If you do, you might want to consider involving yourself in a local effort to help bring some sanity into the culture.


If you, as I do, occasionally look on the web for news or blogs that address Objectivism or at least Randian perspectives on current issues, you will see a growing interest in this perspective.  That people “out there” are thinking about it is enormously encouraging, however, not all the writing you see is favorable or even a correct interpretation of Rand’s philosophy.  I have come across many opinions that reflect at least an incomplete understanding or erroneous interpretations.  Charitably, one might think these mistaken views come from exposure to small selected parts of Objectivism and taking certain words or statements out of context.  A local organization dedicated to a correct and complete understanding of Objectivism could give you and others, not as familiar with it, a way to discover the real truth and beauty of the enlightened concepts pulled together by Rand’s philosophy.