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If you are new to the philosophy of Ayn Rand...consider this an invitation to learn more.

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... in this situation as well as others who have studied her works for a longer period of time.  By meeting them, you would have opportunities to engage in intellectual discussion, ask questions, explore Objectivist-oriented solutions to many of today’s pressing cultural issues. 

By meeting others who are at the same stage as you in learning what Objectivism is all about and still others who are well versed in the philosophy and perhaps have lived an Objectivist life for many years, you will be in a much better position to see how (and if) Objectivism offers a realistic view of the world and ways to guide one’s life through it.

On a personal note, I have considered myself an Objectivist for about 40 years.  My first encounter with the Ayn Rand's ideas was her novel, Atlas Shrugged.  After reading it and being captivated by the ideas presented therein, I hastened to read her other works of fiction and much of her non-fiction.  Upon becoming semi-retired after many years working in the corporate world, I decided to reacquaint myself with her philosophy by reading much of the non-fiction work that has been published since her death in 1982.  I find that I am at least as captivated by her ideas now as I was 40 years ago.  Looking back over my career, I can see how subscribing to Rand's philosophy gave me insights into situations and people that I would not have had otherwise.  It was also a major influence in any number of life and career decsions.

It is encouraging to see that over the last several decades, Ayn Rand's ideas continue to spread and are being taken more seriously in academic circles.  Under the leadership of the Ayn Rand Institute, many of her ideas are being introduced to young people in schools and colleges.  

One thing is missing.  Except in the larger metropolitan areas, there are very few ways for Objectivists in a local area to meet with one another for valuable and rewarding discussions or for socializing with others who have a compatible view of the world and the uplifting philosophy that Objectivism offers.  The population in the Hendersonville, NC area is small compared to that in larger cities, but on the chance that there are some in the area who would welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss Objectivism and its implications for living in today's world, consider this an invitation to make contact.
Whether or not you choose to make contact with WNCO, you might find it helpful to know that there are many more resources available now than ever before, thanks largely to the world-wide web, for learning about Objectivism and how an Objectivist world-view evaluates issues of contemporary life.  If you haven’t already found them, just click here to see some the websites devoted to many aspects of Objectivism.  Some deal with teaching Objectivist principles while others are focused on analyzing current issues from an Objectivist perspective.

Even better, contact WNCO and learn how we might add a new dimension to your life.